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Let's Talk Registration

Now you know the date of Diner en Blanc Dallas 2015...SEPTEMBER 17th...let's talk REGISTRATION!

Each phase of registration (there are three) will have a specific date and time it will launch. 

**PLEASE NOTE** You will know what PHASE you are in by an email you will receive TWO DAYS prior to the launch of that phase. 

The email you receive will contain a unique code for the email address that was provided to a host, volunteer or from registering on the waiting list. On the day and time listed on that email, you will click the link in the email, and follow the directions on the registration site to confirm your attendance.

You will select your guest, your rendezvous point (remember, the location is we bus everyone in from set locations around the city), and your group or table leader. You will pay for your attendance (The cost for the event is $37 plus tax per ticket. You will also pay Diner en Blanc International $8 to become a member, and an $8 processing fee for your guest. Total cost will be $90 plus tax) and confirm your attendance. After attendance is confirmed, you can go into our e-Store, view the items available for purchase (wine, champagne, food, floral, and tablescapes) and either purchase then or come back before the e-Store closes. We will announce when the e-Store closes in a post before it closes.

It is our suggestion that you speak to your friends about rendezvous points or group/table leaders ahead of time, so you can sit at the same table. Refer to our post (tomorrow) on rendezvous points to familiarize yourself with the available locations, and make a plan with your friends! You can also pair yourself up with registered guests on your left and right, so you can sit together.

Once you have selected a rendezvous point and table leader during registration, it cannot be changed, so make sure to be prepared!

heart emoticon Our suggestions: heart emoticon
*Talk with your friends about which rendezvous points and table leaders you will select.

*Choose your guest wisely! Its a HOT event and you want to make sure you have the perfect companion!

*Be ready to register the second that your phase opens, as this event is first-come, first-serve and as you know, we have limited seats. Everyone on the waiting list will receive an invitation, but not everyone will be able to register.

*Work off of a computer (not a touch-screen device), update your browsers, and clear your cache before hand!

*Update your Paypal accounts and register your credit card with Paypal - this will make the process so much easier for you!

*Avoid using Internet Explorer. Google Chrome and FireFox seem to work better with our system.

*Make sure that you add to your contacts, so that our emails don't end up in your spam. If you don't get the email with the unique code, you cannot register.

*If something happens and you partially complete registration (i.e. were able to select a table leader) and are disconnected while in PayPal - immediately email Please email us instead of posting to FB since a volunteer will be monitoring email and assisting with incomplete registrations.

*For any PayPal or payment issues during registration, please reach out to She will be monitoring all incomplete registrations due to payment issues.

heart emoticon Important Dates to Remember: heart emoticon

Phase 1 launches Thursday, August 6th at 10am sharp!
Phase 2 launches Wednesday, August 12th at 10am.
Phase 3 launches Wednesday, August 19th at 10am.
All Phases will close when the event is sold out.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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