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Registration Phases Announced!

Are you ready, Dallas?

Save the dates for #DEBDAL17 registration! Invitations to register will be emailed two days before each phase opens. 

Not sure when you should register?

During Phase 1: 2016 Registered Members and those that paid for Absentee status will receive their invitation to register via email on August 21st.

During Phase 2: Registration for those that are sponsored by a Registered Member during Phase 1. You will receive your invitation to register on August 28th.

During Phase 3: Everyone (and we mean all 17,000 of you!) on the Waiting List (www.dallas.dinerenblanc.com/register) will receive an invitation to register in this phase. Please remember that there are 17,000 people on the waiting list this year, and only 2,400 people in total for all three phases will be able to purchase tickets.

**PHASE 1 MEMBERS** if for some reason you don't receive your Phase One invitation by 11:59pm on August 21st, please do the following things before reaching out to us:
  1. Were you registered as the MEMBER for last years event, or registered as an absentee member?
  2. Can you log into your account at dallas.dinerenblanc.info? Log in and check the email on your profile. Is it still correct?
  3. When you log into your profile, are you the person listed on the left of the profile? (The person listed on the right is the "guest")
  4. Did you check your spam?
  5. Did you add Dallas@dinerenblanc.com to your list of safe emails?
  6. Did you check your inbox and spam again? :)
If you have done these 6 things and you have still not received an email, please email REGISTRATION@dallas.dinerenblanc.com with your full name and email address and we will assist as soon as we can.

More to come on registration!  And don't forget - the EASIEST way to register without issues is to create a PayPal account now - either with a credit card or connecting to your checking account. 

Bonne Chance!

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