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Dîner en Blanc - Dallas

Karen Raehpour - Host

Member since:
Leader since:
Lives in: Fairview
Philosophy: If you're going to do a thing, do it the best you can
Hobbies: Theater, Interior Decorating, Spending time with kids
Profession: Event planner at my company "Just Show Up!"

Marie Dimaano - Host

Member since:
Leader since:
Lives in: Carrollton, TX
Philosophy: Know where you are going but love and accept who you are today.
Hobbies: Painting and ballet
Profession: Healthcare Administration

Rachael Kissel - Host

Member since:
Leader since:
Lives in: McKinney, TX
Philosophy: Work to live, don't live to work!
Hobbies: Cooking, traveling, golf and most of all, getting to know our fabulous city of Dallas with my family
Profession: Managing Partner, RK Meetings & Events LLC
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